The company has three main areas of expertise:

 1. Ship-brokerage

 The company is specialized mainly on petroleum product transport brokerage continuing with general dry cargo transport brokerage.

We covering a wide inland navigation area:

Rhine river;

Main river;

Danube river

As well as open sea area for all types of sea going vessels:

the Mediterranean Sea;

the Black Sea;

2. Shipping Agency

River Brokerage can meet your every requirement 24⁄7 with competent and dedicated stuff, ensuring a quick and smooth vessel turnaround in Romanian Black Sea Ports.

Round the clock, 365 days a year, River Brokerage ensures ceaseless performance and high quality services for vessel's call in any Romanian Black Sea Port and⁄or Constanta–Danube channel transiting locks.

For a reasonable fee, River Brokerage will undertake on behalf of Owners the payment of port dues and services, as well as the adequate husbandry requirements, under their guarantee that Owners will have best services for minimum expanses.

3. Forwarding agent

 River Brokerage has a track record of providing successful import/export management and consultancy services such as :

duty suspension and temporary custom procedures for non – EU cargoes;

excised goods operation for intra-community deliveries;

free zone trading

As custom broker we provide expert customs clearance and forwarding services in all Romanian ports

4. Shipowner

 River Brokerage has under direct management river tonnage capacity exceeding 15000 TC, used for transport of clean petroleum products and heavy dirty products as well. This tonnage includes our direct ownership of 8500 tons capacity river tanker, dedicated exclusively for diesel and light distilled petroleum products transport.